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RiggenHO Reproductions complete Production History
The full production history of RiggenHO (repro effort from 1998)

From the beginning: The 1998 "Press Release" announcing RiggenHO Reproductions...
Toybaron purchases the Riggen Master Body Molds in 1998


Research and HO (Brass Wars) History (updated Oct 2015)
--Brass Wars Intro
--Brass wars History

The "Modern" Movement (added 2015)
(previous "new stuff" here)


--History of the TycoPro by G. Patrick Dennis 1967-1976

"The purpose of this is to document the factual story of the TycoPro. We were not a part of a huge organization with a multitude of marketeers, draftsmen, engineers, etc., we were just two young guys (initially just myself), with a real passion for developing revolutionary HO race cars and systems.

Without the (initial) full cooperation of Tyco's small management team and the talents of a group of Chinese Engineers, Tool makers and Model makers these products would never have come into being."

--Pat Dennis


--TycoPro Museum


Collecting HO Scale Slot Cars (updated August 2015)

The Most Collectible HO Scale Slot Car EVER
Pat Dennis MK II Project, 1972-2015: 2010-2015: the ultimate-ultimate RiggenHO Limited Edition

(as of Sep 18, 2015)                                                                                                              (click for the full Dec 1972 Car Model article)

Collecting Vintage Riggen (HO Scale)
--(almost) everything you need to know about collecting 1970's vintage Riggen Industries HO Scale slotcars

Other (mostly) HO Slotcars

--Cobramite (HO Scale)
--Marusan (HO Scale)
--Micrex (smaller than HO Scale)
--G+ Period Race Cars (HO Scale) with first person commentary
--How they painted the Tyco Curvehugger
--Cars acquired from the Ken Hill / Model Motoring auction 1998
-- AFX Super II ad


More sections coming back soon! Contact me if you need some information you think I may have...


(ed. note: the following article helps put things in context from Jan 1971, click for larger)

(and here's a lot more about Mini Raceways)


Some pictures from the RiggenHO archive:

RiggenHO FSR Super Modified by FS, 2005

Trans Am LTD Edition by TF, 2009




Some amazing 1/24 Slot Car builds

Large Scale Collection


Vintage Gas Powered Race Cars; 1940's-1960's

"History Lessons" in photos

Collecting Tether Cars
RAB Collection 09/2015


The transition from Gas Powered to Electric to Radio Control (articles)

From Gas Powered to Electric Powered... (History)
Miniature Auto Racing Magazine Gene Husting Race Report 1972 (History)


1970's-1980's Radio Control Cars

Some cars in my collection:

Team Associated RC10 and of the era:

6010 Runner (RS01)
6016 Edinger A (RS02)
6000 "Stroppe" body (RS03)
6010 Cadillac Blue (RS07)
6020 Edinger yellow #7 (RS11)
6036 Team Car Graphite blue #5 (RS12)
6030 Team Car Graphite Stealth (RS13)

MIP Trailing Arm build

Inet Blue Legend MIP 4WD

Team Losi JRX2 (RS14)

Reference: "Box Art" painted body pictures from the TA catalogue...

Good article about the re-release of the RC10, now called the RC10 Classic



Andy's cars and parts
RPM cars and parts
MIP cars and parts
A & L Fiberglass RC10C2 and other cars and parts

Please note, alot of the information referenced here has been researched on the web. The most comprehensive Team Associated-RC10 Reference on the web: http://www.rc10talk.com.

Japanese Buggies 1970's
Sankyo, Hirobo, Ishimasa, Izumi, Tomo, Spital


1:1 Scale Cars and Motorcycles

4 Wheels

2002 BMW M5
1973 Stroppe modified Baja Bronco

2 Wheels

1971 Norton Commando Fastback
1974 Norton Commando DUNSTALL 850

Motorcycle Parts:
Campagnolo Brakes