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From the beginning: 1998 "Press Release"...Toybaron purchases the Riggen Master Body Molds in 1998

2005: RiggenHO Reproductions; The full production history of RiggenHO

2010-2015: the ultimate-ultimate RiggenHO Limited Edition: Pat Dennis MK II Project, 1972-2015
(latest update June 2015)

more sections coming back soon:
--TycoPro Museum
--HO Brass Wars History
--Collecting Riggen
--Aurora Super II
(and a thousand more pictures)


(ed. note: the following article helps put things in context from Jan 1971, click for larger)

(and here's a lot more about Mini Raceways)


More pictures from the RiggenHO archive:

RiggenHO FSR Super Modified by FS, 2005

Trans Am LTD Edition by TF, 2009