Riggen and RiggenHO.com re-pro / Limited Edition bodies
November 2015

Overview, some may be sold, please inquire...


"Stock" Riggen REPRO bodies .. just these colors
The Brimhall Body (blue, green, yellow, red)... is a actually a vintage body carved by Gordon Brimhall but was never a Riggen release on the 70's...
the mold for it was in the collection

NOTE: I do not have any more RED Lil Red Wagons, only pink, gold, and blue. $15

Chaparral 2J (requires extended pin tube chassis, I have a few modded chassis' left)..also for non purists I have a coupe in White, and in Pink, Gold, Silver
$30 including modified shaker...body only $15


Watson Sand Crab, surfboards and all (Purple is sold, Green is sold $50) (None Left)

The full set done by JW (all sold except the two above)
Vintage Sand Crab version from the prototypes collection...above was re-popped from the molds in this collection, here's the protoype Sand Crab

Eddie Mac Minis (most are untrimmed, note these two w Brit flags painted on are sold, yellow version with British flag still available
...others are available shown in the overview picture above) some clear with wide wheel wells too...
from the RiggenHO Mini's release
Here's an example mounted up w body pins:

( re-pop) Mini's w/ wide wheel wells (these two still available)
Mini's are $20 only available un-trimmed

Picard Thingies (from this edition), the two shown here are available $25, also have one unpainted

Raynoda Thingies (the "Sunrise" on the right still available, $20) Here's the Raynoda original edition

Vintage bodies for sale, sometimes new ones added but what's shown is all I have at the moment...these 4 examples $40 each