Picard Guide Flag Assembly Instructions

See the full story on the development of this part here..

Parts Included:
-- (2) plastic guide flag parts (upper and lower)
-- brass 072 x 1/4 screw and nut
-- 24ga wire leads (green and white)
copper braid flag material
-- heavy duty extra long guide pin

Read all instructions before assembling to get a feel for the complete process....

1/ Strip the ends of the lead wire on both ends approx 3/16". Tin the ends with solder if desired (they will fit more securely into the can, and hold better during assembly of the guide flag...
2/ Insert the brass screw through the guide pin and up into the bottom piece of the flag, there is a groove for the guide pin--set aside for now
Insert 1 end of each of the lead wires through the holes of the top piece of the flag. There is a groove molded into the inside of the piece to "set" the wire.
       **Make sure enough bare wire is exposed to ensure a nice connection between lead wire and flag material when the flag material is inserted later
4/ Secure each lead temporarily with a small piece of scotch tape placed on the top (outer) piece of the flag, this will make the next steps easier.
5/ Join the two flag pieces together sandwiching the chassis tongue between the two flag pieces. The guide has grooves for placing the tongue properly--Then screw the brass screw (flat head) up a little bit more--it should "bite"...no need for the nut yet.

Leave pretty loose for now, you still need to insert the flag material.

6/ Cut the copper braid in half (approx 7/8" needed for each flag)...other conductive material may be used including 003 phosphorous bronze...tin one end of the braids if desired...insert the braid material between the two flag pieces basically straight in...
7/ NOW Tighten the screw further, then attach and tighten down the nut. Do not overtighten to the point where the parts "bow". The flag pieces are precision fit and should come together smoothly and securely. Check that the flag material is held in securely. If too loose, you can fold over the end to be inserted to double the thickness of the inserted end...if still loose, go back and check assembly as something is not right...
8/ Fold the flag material over the bottom of the assembled flag and "tweak" into the channel provided. You can trim, tease, or otherwise tweak the material according to your preference and track