AYK Buffalo/Bobcat spare parts
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please contact me to inquire about the following New In Pack Replacement Parts:

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Available Parts:

Front Tires

RO-102 Front Guard and Under guard (2 pieces)
RO-103 Mech Plate includes 4 aluminum supports
RO-104 Gear Case (inquire)
RO-108 Gear Case and Motor Cover (inquire)
RO-109 Rear Plate and Battery Holder (2 pieces)
RO-111 Rear Shock (pair)
RO-113 Front Steering Kingpin
RO-117 Front Stabilizer Kit
RO-118 Rear Stabilizer Kit

note: many RO-XX parts can be used with the Sidewinder and some RO-XX parts can be sued with the Viper

RO-6 Plastic Parts (shock mounts and pins)
RO-11 Bearing 9x5x3 pair
RO-17 Steering Arm pair
RO-19 Pinion 13t
RO-20 Pinion 14t
RO-26 Speed Plate and Wiper
RO-27 Rear Axle
RO-32 Spare Ball End Kit (4)
RO-39 E Clips

Rear Tire Spikes (40 pieces in pack)

Magnum 360L Motor (note fr Tamiyaclub.com forum: ...They are a Lemans 360PT retuned by the Dunn Brothers. 19 x 2 550 ballraced, adjustable)

MG-4 Motor Springs

Washer Set with screws for Diff Gear

GP Gear

RV-26 Buffalo differential bushings
RV-28 Buffalo front wheel bushings