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Many of these parts are hop up parts and are inter-changeable between models p[roduced during 1983-1984 including the 1200 Series, the EXL 480K, the RX2000 and RX3000

NOTE, The parts listed are available for trade, or for sale. The photos shows a representative sampling....

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FRP (black) On-Road chassis

GX1200 03 axle
GX1200 04 metal parts
GX1200 05 axle brackets w grub
GX1200 GX16b thrust bearing parts

RS 23 Spur Gear (numerous configurations)
50/13, 49/14, 48/15, 47/16, 46/17
22C Resistor
23 67t spur gear

CR7 fr wheels (white)
CR17 Fr hubs w shaft and bushing
CR41 king pins
CRX5B plastic bushing w set screw and grub
CX9A Rear Wheels (and for NX101 J2 Roadrunner)
??? red fr wheels

Special Racing Parts EX Series

2EX FRP top deck kit
5EX axle
13EX battery sraps with aluminum bracket
14EX front blocks aluminum
17EX steering arms
18EX servo parts
22EX FRP speed control deck
23 67t spur gear
26EX Motor Mount
52EX fr bumper
70EX switch parts
71EX support bracket
72EX plastic Parts

Special Racing Parts EXL Series (for RX Series and 480XL)

2EXL Fiberglass top deck
9EXL yellow rr wheels
13EXL cable ties
16EXL plastic bushings
17EXL fr wheel hubs
20EXL Antenna and mount
26EXL Motor Mount
41EXL shafts
51EXL body mounts (EXL480K)
52EXL fr bumper
61EXL aluminum servo supports

EXR II Tires
RS10M Tires (NX101 RoadRunner)

RS14 Plastic Part

RS37 aluminum screw pans

RS39 Grub Screws

61AL Servo Brackets

RF11D bushing


RX1200 6A body mount
RX1200 8 tires
RX1200 14 axle blocks
RX1200 21 collets

RX1200 motor mounts for 540 can
RX1200 61 servo mount

RXSP1200 Special Racing Parts

RXSP1200 13SP Battery Strap (rubber w bracket)

RXSP1200 15SP drives
RXSP1200 Thrust bearing parts

RX1200 34 20t and 22t pinion

RX1200 51A body mount

RXSP1200 35SP (2.3) link rods and ball ends

RXSP1200 41SP King Pin

RXSP1200 44SP extended body pins

RXSP1200 51SP aluminum body mount

RXSP1200 62 rod and aluminum end w grubs

RZ21S sprocket gear