JF's Leganke HO Slot Car parts Reference Collection
April 2016

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The bulk of this collection came to John a few years ago from the closure of a "main street-home town" hobby shop in Clevelad, Ohio. The shop also served as a "mini-distributor" for some hobby lines, and the inventory was greater than normal for that of a "regular" shop.

Leganke is certainly one of the important names in HO, especially related to customizing for speed and smart hop up parts.
Here are scans of the T Jet parts list: page 1, page 2

Here are some pics from the John's Laganke stash:

advertising proofs for dealer parts display:

some specific parts:

These are very interesting: "adjustable" brush tubes. Threaded so racer could adjust the depth of the tube holder in the chassis...

lifetime supply of improved silver arm plates:

steel t jet pans

Really nice threaded wheels with rims

Armature Winding Tools and Wire: