SCOTTT Brass Wars, March 25, 2006
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Eight drivers from western NY entered the March Madness 250 and Brass Wars support race on Saturday March 25, 2006. The small field still produced close racing and witnessed the debut of a new development version of the Riggen Boss HO chassis.

Official Entry List:
Driver, Home Town - Entrant
Dave Hendrickson, Erin, NY - KRD Racing
Kevin Hendrickson, Erin, NY - KRD Racing
Ryan Hendrickson, Erin, NY - KRD Racing
Matt Metcalf, Corning, NY - Mathew Metcalf Racing; Frank Spena Racing
Joe Saccomanno, Alden, NY - Joe Jets
Frank "Chub" Spena Jr., Horseheads, NY - Frank Spena Racing; Riggen HO
Dave Van Duzer, Horseheads, NY – Van Duzer Hobbies
Gary Weber, Horseheads, NY - Self

The Brass Wars was making its first appearance at SCCOTTT as a support race for the March Madness 250. Frank Spena Jr. and Dave Hendrickson were the heavy favorites going in to the event. Hendrickson was in the first semi and lead from start to finish with a dominating performance, covering 51 laps in six minutes. Gary Weber, driving the only Tyco Pro in the field took second, six laps behind followed by Kevin Hendrickson and Matt Metcalf. Metcalf was driving the Riggen Spena drove to second place at the first Brass Wars race in Scotch Plains, New Jersey in June of 2005, but a lack of familiarity with the car and mechanical issues slowed him down.

Semi Final #1
Position| Laps – Driver

1| 51 | Dave Hendrickson
2| 45 | Gary Weber
3| 44 | Kevin Hendrickson
4| 35 | Matt Metcalf

The second semi belonged to Spena. Driving a new limited edition Riggen he developed along with Hendrickson, was determined to give the new car a winning debut. He took off at the start and was never headed. His 51-lap run was enough to gain lane choice for the final by 12 segments. Ryan Hendrickson and Dave Van Duzer kept him honest in their fight for second. At the end Spena was up by a lap over Hendrickson, who was a further lap up on Van Duzer. All three had advanced, making it an all-Riggen final. It also marked the first ever final round appearance at a Major for Van Duzer. Joe Saccomanno took the brave step of building his own brass car, called the Screamin’ Demon. The car looked to have great potential but mechanical troubles spoiled its debut.

Semi Final #2
Position| Laps – Driver

1| 51 | Frank Spena Jr.
2| 50 | Ryan Hendrickson
3| 49 | Dave Van Duzer
4| 35 | Joe Saccomanno

The Brass Wars final consisted of Spena, Dave Hendrickson, Ryan Hendrickson and Dave Van Duzer. Spena, running, Riggen Lim. Ed. #7, (of 10,) was the favorite but the other three also had developments learned from the limited run Riggens and could not be counted out. At the start it was Spena and the two Hendricksons taking off while Van Duzer faded. Spena lead for a while before spinning out. That put Ryan into a lead he would hold until one second before the finish of the first segment, when he went off and Spena slipped past. Spena and Ryan fought through most of the second segment with Dave just a short ways behind. Toward the end Spena began to pull away. Spena put Ryan a lap down in the third segment while Dave moved into second. In the final segment Spena held on with a deteriorating tire while Dave closed in. It was not enough for the leader of the Hendrickson clan, however, as Spena stayed in front to the end. The victory margin a mere 12 sections. Saccomanno won the Riggen t-shirt provided by Riggen HO.

Position| Laps – Driver

1| 53 | Frank Spena Jr.
2| 52 | Dave Hendrickson
3| 52 | Ryan Hendrickson
4| 46 | Dave Van Duzer


Position| Laps – Driver – Car & Body

1| 104 | Frank Spena Jr. – Riggen Boss Race Ed. #007 Mid-Engine Corvette
2| 103 | Dave Hendrickson – Riggen Boss Lola T-163
3| 102 | Ryan Hendrickson – Riggen Boss Bryant Ti22
4| 095 | Dave Van Duzer – Riggen Boss Bryant Ti22
5| 045 | Gary Weber – TycoPro McLaren M8B
6| 044 | Kevin Hendrickson – Riggen Boss Lola T-163
7| 035 | Matt Metcalf – Riggen Boss Porsche 917K
8| 035 | Joe Saccomanno – Screamin’ Demon ’32 Ford Coupe

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