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Jonathan Singer’s Cars

Looking back over the last several years, I have to say that I’ve met a wide range of people that are involved in HO Slot Cars - rich, poor, young, old, smart, dumb, respectful, reprehensible, and combinations there of. However, one fellow stands out as unique.

I guess Jonathan found us. I got an email from Ron saying that he had a fellow that wanted three of “our best cars.” Well, heck, I’m thinking Riggens with a drop-motor pan, hot brass can motor, and on and on. So I start in compiling parts for such a build.

Well, it turns out Jonathan was really looking for true traction magnet racers. No problem, we can do that. The three Ferrari 612 ‘Triplets’ were built on the Scale Auto Level 19 chassis formula. Jairus Watson did the paint work.

Below, Jonathan talks some about himself and his work. From that you will get some insight as to what makes him get up every morning and hit it like the rest of us. But another interesting facet of his personality is that he loves Ferraris. He told me early on that he couldn’t afford a real 1:1 Ferrari but that he can still get his ‘fix’ from fast HO versions.

The first round of car achieves some of that goal. Currently I am working on another three cars of a little faster formula that will wear some of the lexans in the accompanying photos. These cars are planned on a Neo traction magnet setup.

One thing to note about all these cars and bodies is the detail that Jairus Watson has put into the lexans. The first three cars are interpretations of the Ferrari 612 Can-Am car that ran in the early 1970s. The actual 1:1 race car had little success since the Factory didn’t give it the support it did to its F-1 program.

Jairus has taken his HO painting to another level. Details such as adding drivers and roll bars to open cockpits are evident. The coupes all have detailed interiors and drivers. Top shelf work for a top shelf customer.

Please take some time to visit Jonathan’s website and to also look at the segment CBS Sunday Morning did. If you didn’t appreciate rare flowers and photography before, you will now.

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