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Special Announcement:

RiggenHO News and Announcements, Fall 2011

Just a quick note to keep everyone up to date with RiggenHO.  First, let me say thank you for all of your continued and loyal support.  Your patronage, feedback (both appreciative and critical), shared stories and information has made the site what it is today. I hoped to have accomplished building a thorough reference website which provides information and pictures about the HO Slot Car "Brass Wars" era of the early 70's, and in providing an inspiring collection of products and ideas, for those interested in this aspect of the slot car hobby. I feel that has been well done....

In the upcoming years my efforts with RiggenHO will continue, but will focus primarily on improving the "reference collection" and updating, revising and further improving the website. Product releases will be extremely limited in the future, subject to our ability to provide something NEW and DRAMATICALLY different.

In the meantime, RiggenHO does have a limited supply of various parts, please inquire before they are gone. I also have a few NOS and "test bench" Limited Editions from previous releases.  For complete cars in the future, I urge you to contact Terry Flynn.  He has been a regular RiggenHO contributor, and is the best man suited to carry forward both stock and possible future Limited Editions. See his contributions here for RiggenHO and his own Harden Creek Slotcars website here. 

RiggenHO has been a wonderful experience for me. I am truly grateful for all of friends and like minded hobbyists I have connected with. I sincerely thank you all. Your feedback and comments are appreciated, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


See links on the left under to review all of our CURRENT and PAST products...  Our products include complete cars as well as a full range of restoration and hop up parts.   To order from RiggenHO, please contact us to ask any questions, confirm availability and pricing, as well as to discuss any custom build options. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The  4000 Series  chassis is the latest version of our chassis and is now in production and available for purchase...track tested and ready for racing!

riggenho 4000 series


Brief History:

Riggen Model Racing took the HO Scale Racing world by storm in the early 1970’s with their introduction of a brass pan 2 piece chassis / "shaker" plate that lowered the car’s center of gravity, reduced vibration and rattle and allowed the full potential of can style motors (like TycoPro was using) to dominate the track.

Riggen cars had competitive components right out of the box, and provided a simple yet effective tuning base for serious hobbyists and racers to test and tweak various hop up parts from many manufactures in search of speed and handling. The introduction of a brass chassis instigated a furious round of improvements by all manufacturers. Aurora responded (hastily) with their Super2, and Tyco with their TycoPro2 but by then the magnet revolution had begun and HO scale racing would be changed forever.

In the late 1990’s a resurgence of T Jet HO scale racing began, perhaps as a reaction against the “too fast to see”magnet cars.There was a strong desire by nostalgic baby boomers to revisit what really felt like scale racing that didn’t cost $100’s to be competitive and where tune ups were not measured in milli-amps or millimeters!  RiggenHO is part of that revival...

See the complete RiggenHO Production History  starting with the Series 100 Chassis...to our latest version.


riggenho 1000 series chassis