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VINTAGE-NOS RIGGEN Custom Painted Bodies....by Jairus Watson
Jairus is a professional graphic artist focusing on all things automotive and slot related. You can see more of his work here...http://www.jairuswatson.net/

--Custom Painted Vintage Riggen bodies by "JW" ; $24.95
--Custom Painted Vintage Riggen Body by "JW" on a Series 3000 Chassis $62.95

#116 Ferrari 612 (sold)                                 #103 Porsche Daytona 2 (sold           

#104 Superbird style 2    (sold)                              #114 Mini Cooper style 2 (sold

Autoworld Lola    (sold)                                  #104 Superbird Style 2 (sold

#103 Porsche Daytona (sold) 



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