Race Day, September 24, 2005
RiggenHO Vintage Race

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Sepember 24th

Host: Joe Hopkins. slots7931@aol.com

Contact Joe for more info and directions (on the southwest side of the 495 beltway
going around Washington DC).

10 AM doors open. Racing starts at 12 noon. I am considerate of those who travel. I do start the race on time and try to keep things moving. Snacks and soft drinks are provided.
The track is a 4' by 16' max track road coarse similar to the buck track scorpion in design. It is posted on the max track web site. People wanting to attend and not belonging to the club need to contact me at least a week before the race. (Head count and directions) It is being held in my house with limit capacity, but if is a nice day there is the backyard.

The race day will have three events. The Vintage (Riggens) race. The race field has been expanded to include Non-magnatraction AFX cars with the same rules of no modifications except wheels/tires allowed, JL box stock (only tires (.350 min rear) and wheels can be changed. Body posts maybe lowered, but wheel wells cannot be cut/shaved) (Most popular class and close racing), and FRAY cars.


Place    Name          Ride
1st    Hiram         Riggen Porsche
2nd   Mike          Riggen Hot Rod
3rd    Mark         AFX Datsun
4th    Lewis         Riggen Ice T
5th    Scott          Tyco Pro '32 Hot Rod
6th    Joe             Riggen Lil' Red Wagon
7th    Ian             AFX Vega Funny
8th    Steve         Riggen Porsche

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