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RiggenHO FSR Super Modified--Numbered Limited Edition of 10
$125       (Sold Out)

The RiggenHO FSR Super Modified was built with the idea of making a more powerful and more reliable version of the Riggen Boss, with a heavy emphasis on using the latest hop up parts and tuning methods, and making the car easier to marshall for competition. The car’s genesis began when champion T-Jet racer Frank Spena Jr. was invited by RiggenHO to compete in the first Brass Wars race in June of 2005. Spena and his friend, rival and 'sparring' partner Dave Hendrickson immediately began thinking of changes they would like to see on the Boss chassis. In September of 2005 RiggenHO commissioned Spena to build a limited run of 10 race-prepared Boss’s. With the help of Hendrickson and some input from Wizzard’s Bob Lincoln the cars took shape.

The chassis and all modifications have been extensively tested and race track proven. Click here for Race Results of the debut of the RiggenHO Super Modified...

Each Super Modified has been built with a generic setup. The car should run well right out of the box, however, you may find that different gearing, tires and weights work better on your track. The green-wire armature in your car is very powerful and will require a steady trigger on tighter courses. This armature produces a tremendous amount of torque with the right power supply. The stock motor brush springs are included with your spare parts and may help to slow the motor down for tighter courses. A proper controller with brakes is recommended for maximum control. An electronic controller or a resistor controller of 90 ohms or more is recommended under most circumstances. 12V battery power or a high quality power supply is recommended to race on. The car will run just fine on 18V, but may be hard to control. Racing the car on wall packs is not recommended.

The set screws have been covered with Vibra-Tite to keep the them from backing out. Remember to use it again if you change brushes or brush springs. Heavy-duty electrical tape has been placed on the shaker plate under the brush barrels to prevent shorting. The silicone-sponge rear tires are brand new Wizzard J-Pro .430s and will work better after break-in. The front axle and wheel assembly is a specially modified Wizzard T-Jet piece with heavy weights to help keep the guide pin in the slot. An AFX G+ vintage gear set (8:20) was chosen for its excellent gear mesh and to help ‘soften’ the car’s launch off of the corners.

The front end of the Super Modified has been totally redesigned. The plastic blade guide has been replaced with a Patriot steel guide pin. This improves the cars handling and is also much stronger. The wires that connected the pickups to the brush tubes have been replaced with solid copper strips for a more solid connection and to allow elimination of the brush clip which also lowers the center of gravity. The pickups are now attached to the front with screws instead of the old system of melted plastic allowing you to change just your pickups instead of the entire front end.

The Vintage Riggen Mid Engine Corvette body (Riggen part # 112) should be painted with a Lexan-compatible paint. The body should be painted on the inside. After painting use electrical tape on the inside of the body around the pin holes to prevent the body from being ripped or torn. Each car has been fit through a standard HO tech block for legal width. Each car has been oiled with Thomas' H:OyL but will need oil on a regular basis.

Each of the 10 Riggens has been hand built, making each one unique. All are numbered and carry the Frank Spena Racing logo.The following is a list of parts and modifications:

--High performance green-wire armature with shortened tail shaft
-- Custom-ground 'motor box' to accommodate pick-up contacts for improved reliability
-- Wizzard silver-coated adjustable brush barrels custom-shortened to fit the HT-50 can and then reamed
-- Wizzard .006 silver brush springs (with stock brush springs for spares)
-- Wizzard 80% copper brushes

Front Wheels:
-- Wizzard brass T-Jet Independent front axle and wheels, cut to fit the Riggen Boss and polished
-- Wizzard heavy T-Jet spacers cut to fit the Riggen Boss chassis and polished
-- Wizzard low-friction nylon .375 front tires

Rear Tires and Gearing:
-- Aurora AFX Magnatraction rear axle
-- Aurora AFX G+ 8 tooth pinion gear
-- Aurora AFX G+ 20 tooth crown gear
-- Wizzard J-Pro black .430 silicone-sponge rear tires

Front End:
-- Custom modified front end assembly with screw and nut design for reliability
-- Ground brass screw for track clearance
-- Pickup shoes attached with screws to the front end assembly
-- Wizzard steel Patriot guide pin for improved marshalling

Chassis and Body:
-- Custom modified shaker plate to allow ‘pinning’ the body for improved marshalling
-- Unpainted vintage Riggen Mid-Engine Corvette body lowered for improved handling (use the upper holes to get the body lower)
-- Polished chassis

Lets add some weight!, what most racer's will see, the men responsible

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