Picard Brass Rod Iso style pivot Riggen

Rich Picard....Slot Car Innovations

RiggenHO chassis with hand built brass rod Iso style pivot floppy pan. Custom front axle tube. Reinforced motor cutout with drop motor configuration
--TCP vintage gold anodized wheels.
--TCP aluminum fronts
--Modified HT50 can with special endbell (allows easy cleaning of comm), matched brushes and springs
hotter green wire arm (rare).
--Vintage Riggen braided guide flag assembly

--Conventional lead wire clip would prevent iso travel so the "jam a toothpick in there" method was used. This is a vintage Riggen braided flag assembly--the wires are very flexy but they are short...

Tighter view of the iso travel. The upstop is the lead wires....not ideal because they are short as it is. if I sacrificed the vintage theme I would use a repro braided flag and newly dipped larger diam dipped spong rears.

Jairus paint job on vintage Porsche Daytona body!

Owners dilemma: keep it vintage or go for all out performance? If the latter, replace the guide flag so the iso travel is not limited by the wires, replace the vintage spnge rears with new soft dipped silicon. Car drives VERY SMOOTH as is (but fishtails without rear traction) so extra weight may not be needed...

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