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The "Modern Series" 2015, 2016--->

September 2015 "Welcome Back"
December 2015 Polycarb, Harden Creek, Life-Like, Period Paint

April 2016 John F.s Side Job Garage workshop and collection


The first series: distributed from 2005-2010

Feel free to download and print back issues, but remember these are web based newsletters with active links! The first three issues are web based Microsoft Word documents, after that we are "web based", they are not formatted for printing...

Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1
December 2005
New Products, Shaping the guide flag, The Collector Poster, Links, The prototype Tanker

Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2
Holiday 2005
Improved chassis design, tune up tips (keep it low) The RARE Delivery Van, Links, The Sandhopper

Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1
Spring 2006
Series 3000, The Lil Red Wagon, Spena Supermodified, TycoPro Hop Up Kits, Links, TCP Pan style cars

Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2
Fall 2006
Brass Wars History Lesson, Hop Up Tips, Links, updates to the collectors poster

Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 3
Summer 2007
RiggenHO Production history to date, Limited Editions; "put me on the list", more brass history (Kircher), upcoming projects, Links, archive notes.

Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 4 Our first sell outs, a liitle red wagon and some black magic, AFX/TCP, next limited edition, collecting!
Winter 2007

Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1 January 2009
RiggenHO refocuses, Pat Dennis interview, East/West Limited Edition, Bushings how to

Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 2 February 2009
Pat Dennis archive items, the Flynn/Picard Blue Mist!

Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 3 June 2009
Gary Rider stuff, 2 RiggenHO Limited Editions, Flynn Builds, NJ Hobby 5th Annual

The Latest Issue:

Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 1 January 2010
4000 Series, Harden Creek, Bachmann, Links